Friday, March 6, 2009

The Party of Propriety

My friend Gus suggested that SOME may claim that a swingset on the White House lawn pictured in my previous post is undignified, especially in these serious times. So I have decided to help you all out with the GOP guide to propriety:

Undignified: Swing set on lawn.
Dignified: President choking on pretzel during football game.

Undignified: Women with bare arms.
Dignified: Ann Coulter with bare legs and clavicles.

Undignified: A Presidential candidate who admits he tried cocaine as a teenager.
Dignified: A Presidential candidate with a DUI and a talk radio host who doctor shops for painkillers.

Undignified: "Conspiracy Theories" that terrorism suspects have been tortured in U.S. custody.
Dignified: Conspiracy Theories that the President is Not A U.S. Citizen. (Pssst--I bet the real birth certificate is hidden wherever the Clintons buried all those bodies.

Undignified: Inquiring about the health of a 72-year-old Presidential candidate who would be succeeded in office by someone who cannot name a Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade.
Dignified: Stating that a Supreme Court justice being treated for pancreatic cancer will be dead within the year as if that's a good thing.

I think I have made my point.


Ruby Bleu said...

You most CERTAINLY have!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

dewdana said...

agreed! Thanks for clarifying the finer points of social conduct. Some would argue that doc shopping for pain killers is the most dignified thing Rush has ever done. :-) my favorite is when he said feminism was a way for ugly women to get into main stream society. Nasty man... Sorry, mere mention of him sends me into a tirade! Glad you are back in the punditry biz!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Mom says she'll send woo some extra treats if woo nevfur mention that 'skanky' khoulterkhreature again!


Gus said...

Undignified: Pushing the nation toward health care for all citizens.

Dignified: Naming said health care bill the Teddy Kennedy Memorial Health Care Plan before the man is dead.

Yup..Rush is at it again


Lola Smiles said...

you said it baby! Great post!