Friday, November 7, 2008

Feelin' a Bit More Blue

You know how excited I was by Blue Florida? And Blue North Carolina--that state that repeatedly elected Jesse Helms? And Blue Virginia. Ok, well this trumps 'em all. After recounting the votes, adding in provisional and absentee ballots, Obama took one of Nebraska's electoral college votes--the first time in 40 years a Dem has won in NE! (For those of you fortunate enough to not live with a political science dork, Nebraska is one of two states to divide up its electoral college vote by Congressional District.) So my GranNE no longer lives in a Red State! She was part of parting the Red Sea!

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Gus said...

You go GranE! Maine is the other state that divides el. college votes by percentage of votes cast. We live with a poli sci wonk too.