Monday, August 31, 2009

Political Paws

My fellow barkers Jake and Just Harry posted this link and I just had to re-post it (though you should go read their blog, too! They are wise wires!): Kennedy's Dogs Will Be Missed on the Hill.

Here's a sample:

With the exception of the Senate floor, there were few places Splash, Sunny and Cappy didn’t have access to, including committee hearings and, once, even the Oval Office. It was a rare day when the Massachusetts lawmaker wasn’t shadowed by at least one of the pooches, whether Kennedy’s schedule brought him an office full of visitors or a committee bill markup.

A powerful man with a booming voice and a formidable family legacy, Kennedy often used his dogs to break the ice with Republican lawmakers, to relax nervous visitors and to put political personalities to the sniff test.

...But Kennedy's dogs weren’t saints either. Like a parent of spoiled children, the senator was loving but a poor disciplinarian.

Splash has been known to bark impatiently during long meetings. The dog once sent White House staffers into a frenzy when the pooch began barking in the Oval Office. Kennedy and his pets were at the White House waiting for the start of a religious freedom bill signing ceremony with President Clinton.

As you may know, because of MA law they cannot hold a special election to fill the seat until January. Rather than depriving the good people of MA of representation, the solution seems obvious to me...let the Porties govern! I have no doubt that they will draft legislation in their owner's honor that will guarantee health care for evert American and a tennis ball in every (dog) mouth!


Jake of Florida said...

Thank you for the kind words -- although Mom thinks "wise" in our case is more like a synonym for "smart ass." Smart ass? Us? Foxies? How could that be?

We believe the Porties have earned the right to be part of the health care debate -- and, since dogs do not lie -- would put an end to the psycho babble.

Wirey love!!

Jake and Just Harry

Sue said...

My eight Porties vote yea on that idea. While they're fixing health care for all of us, how about looking into the skyrocketing costs of veterinary care., too?

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...



Just ask my mom!

BTW, I've got pikhs from 1970 on my Tuesday blog...Mom wishes they were better but she was a fifth grader...nuf said!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

We say give the whole darned country to the dogs! They'd do a much better job than the humans have done for the past 200+ years.

dewdana said...

Wally, do you have any words of wisdom to share on this darkest of days? Perhaps some silver lining to this mess in master chew sits? I am refusing to watch any other pundits for at least a week so it is all on you. I just know poor Teddy is spinning in his grave :-(