Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy 48th Burpday, Mr. President!

I had prepared a saucy rendition of Happy Burpday Mr. President but my ma ape said it was so hot it would melt the internets.

I say everyone have yourself a slice of cake to celebrate, the commander in chief's chief commander (me, not Rahm Emanuel!) says so!

UPDATE! The Prez just showed up at the press briefing to wish Helen Thomas, who is turning 84 today, a happy birthday and give her cupcakes. Woo!

OK, I had to add this photo because it is just THE AWESOME.

The president seems to enjoy distributing cakey substances. I hope this is not his health care plan, though I would like a cupcake WITH my single-payer health care plan. Frosted with low-low copays and a creamy affordable prescription drug plan inside. In the meantime I will continue to eat cupcakes. For my health.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I wonder what Bo got him?


dewdana said...

Such a gentleman! (both of you ;-) )
Moose + Dana

Gus said...

I noticed there were some dog friendly ones there, not chocolate, I mean. In my book, that counts.


Jake of Florida said...

We wish him a Happy Barkday too --- thinking that he should start barking at those ingrates who take pleasure at causing distractions and disruptions and disarray!!!

Jake and Just Harry

Sue said...

I like your health plan with a cherry on top!!